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Nick Slavkovich
Hi!  My name is Nick Slavkovich and I've been helping people with the GMAT since 2006.  I've scored a 750 on the actual test and have taught hundreds and hundreds of students, many of whom have gone on to top business schools.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
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What the students are saying:
"I couldn't have been happier with the Totaltestprep experience.  Nick's method of taking practice tests, going over key concepts and trouble areas in one-on-one tutoring sessions, and reviewing topics for homework was an incredibly effective way to prepare for the GMAT.  In just the two weeks that we worked together, my score climbed over 100 points, including a 20 percentage point jump in my quantitative score!"
- Catha (improved over 100 points from her first diagnostic)

​"Hi Nick, I just took the test. I got a 750, which I’m quite happy with. It was 49 quant and 44 verbal. Thank you so much for all your help. I will definitely send any friends taking the GMAT your way!"
- Emily (increased her score from a 700 to a 750)

"Thanks for your nice email! I was definitely hoping for a 750+ (all those late nights and early mornings in the Caribbean spent doing math problems) but hopefully 740 does the trick. I got a 48 in math (83rd percentile) and 41 in English (97th percentile) and I'm attributing the 18 point increase in my math score to my awesome tutor. Was great working with you (you definitely went above the call of duty) and I wish you GOOD LUCK!"
- Catherine (scored a 740 after only a week of tutoring, went from 65th percentile math to 83 percentile)

"Studying with Total Test Prep was the best decision I made to prepare for the GMAT. I had taken Kaplan's course and seen very little improvement, but after completing a tutoring package with Nick my GMAT score went up 130 points! He was very well informed and able to explain complex subject matter in a way that made sense, and had strategies to tackle any question you could expect to see on test day. I highly recommend his GMAT prep packages."
- Malikah (improved 130 points after seeing no improvement from a Kaplan course)

"I took the GMAT this afternoon. Scored a 720. I am pleased with the score. Can’t expect any more with just 6 weeks of preparation. I owe it to you and God. Could have done a bit better in math, though. But that’s just me being hard on myself. In the effort to answer all the questions, I think I made a few silly errors. I had 3 minutes to spare in the math. I slowed down for the verbal and completed it just in time. In the first diagnostic that I had taken after 10 lessons, I had scored a 590. In the second diagnostic, which I took after 17 lessons, I scored a 680. I think your classes helped tremendously."
-Raj (improved 130 points from his first diagnostic)

"Thank you for all of your help with the verbal section.  Your teaching and direction helped immensely, and my grammar skills are much better than they were before.  I am very glad that I learned the fundamentals instead of memorizing quick tricks. Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I was accepted to both HBS and GSB!  I am so enthused and have a difficult decision to make in the next few weeks. Thanks again for all of your help preparing for the GMAT.  As I said before, I got a 740, and my verbal score was in the 95th percentile. I could not have done it without you. Feel free to use me as a reference."
-Walt (got a 740 on the GMAT after a ten hour intensive verbal program, accepted to both Harvard and Stanford)

"Hey, I ended up putting the GMAT off at the last second due to a number of factors including, but not limited to, a chilly feeling around my toes and heels. I ended up postponing it from the 27th until today. After 8 minutes (no joke) on the first quant problem I sucked it up and guessed. For the remainder of the test I sat around asking myself if I was actually going to do worse than the 620 I got 4 years ago. Got a 690. Just wanted to say thanks again."
-Craig (improved 70 points from his previous test)

"Hey Nick, I hope this email finds you doing well and you're not working too hard before the holidays.  I wanted to share some exciting news with you and let you know that I was accepted into the U of A Eller MBA program.  Yeah!  I am so glad I don't have to look at another GMAT question.  I wanted to say thanks again for all your help!! I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know."
- Marla (improved 90 points from her previous test)

"Hey Nick - sorry I neglected to email you. I thought the math was harder than the practice tests I had been taking, but I still managed to pull out a 710! I think this score puts me right at the average of the schools I am targeting. Thanks for all the help."
- John (raised his score into the 700s after 3 weeks of tutoring)

"Hello Nick. Wishing you a very happy new Year. I wish to inform you that I gave the GMAT on the 11th of this month and I got my unofficial scores minus AWA = 720. I thank you for your lessons especially in the reading comprehension area that enabled me to keep focus on reading one comprehension a day and improve my speed."
- Uday (score improved by 80 points from his previous test)

"If you're looking to ace the GMAT on your own schedule, you've signed up for the right tutors.  Nick tailored his GMAT prep course to best fit what was admittedly an accelerated schedule (a week and a half of preparation), and his online class format is highly flexible and allows you to put in the time when you can.  The focused courses and exercises are also incredibly helpful and the personalized feedback and directed review are unparalleled.  Two weeks before the GMAT I scored in the low 600s on a diagnostic and wound up with a 760 final score!"
- Caroline (GSB '12) (improved by over 100 points from her first diagnostic)

"Hey Nick, long time no talk. I just wanted to let you know I just heard back and I GOT INTO USCF Nursing school!!!!!! :) I thought you may like to know about the great news! I also wanted to thank you again for getting me through the GRE. I am OH SO THANKFUL I will not have to take it again :)"
- Michele (improved by 110 points from her previous test)